Amazon Stock Buy Or Sell Today?

Is Amazon stock a buy or a sell today? What does eToro's market research tell us about the Amazon stock price action?

amazon stock buy or sell

As you can see in the screenshot above, according to eToro's Market Research, the Amazon stock is currently a strong buy. You will find below a summary of the latest report on Amazon. You may also have access to the full report, including market insiders activities, by opening a free account here.

Why the AMZN stock is currently a STRONG BUY?

It is official, Amazon is a must have stock for a balanced portfolio. 97% of market analysts are rating the stock as a BUY and Amazon stock price forecast is $2160, that's a potential 22% increase from the current stock market price ( click here to buy amazon stocks with $0 commission ).

As of today 04/12/2019, the Amazon share price is trading at $1760.

During the past 30 days, Jeffrey Bezos' company price made a high at $1824 and its monthly low was $1722. On a longer time frame, AMZN 52 week high is at $2 035 while its 52 week low is$1307.

A chart analysis of the recent months shows that Amazon Com stock price has had a very strong upward momentum in the beginning of 2019 and every price correction has stopped at $1700, which can be used as a strong support level for traders.

buy or sell amzn stock

Since August 2009, Amazon share price has been in a pretty wide trading range between $1700 and $1900. Right now the price seems to be stuck between its $1700 support line and the 200MA. A break above the 200MA will be mark the start of a new leg up and possibly the beginning of a new phase of price discovery. As you can see in the full report, Hedge funds companies such as Fisher Asset Management and Eagle Capital Management have already increased their holding of Amazon shares. Ecommerce is multi billion dollars industry and Jeffrey Bezos is running the show. The entrepreneur keeps on adding new innovative services under the Amazon umbrella. The main ones are Amazon Prime Video Direct, Amazon Studios and Amazon Cash. There are many more services coming up from Amazon as it is always looking for new markets. This explains why the Amazon stock buy or sell poll result is so unanimous. Savvy investors are grabbing as many shares as possible.

How to buy Amazon stock without paying any commission?

1- Open a free trading account with eToro 2- Make your first deposit ( as low as $200 )

3- Search for the AMZN symbol and click "Trade" 4- Choose "Buy" and enter your amount That's it. You just bought Amazon stocks without paying any commission.

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This article is for information purpose only and should not be used as an Amazon stock buy or sell recommendation. To see the very latest AMZN buy or sell rating, simply open a free etoro account.

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