Ripple XRP Average Transfer Value Rise By 63%

Coin Metrics has reported that the average amount of value being transferred or traded over the XRP network has risen this week. The average value transfer over the XRP network last week went up to around $143 million. This represents a rise of 63% over the previous week.

Ripple XRP Money Transfer

The Ripple company continues to grow stronger and It has been announced that on September 12th, 2019, the chief executive officer of Ripple, Brad Garlinghouse, will be interviewed by CNN's own Julia Chatterley. In an announcement made by the CNN anchor, she mentioned that she would be talking to Garlinghouse about XRP. Many users took to social media to speculate on what will be discussed, with many speculating that there can only be good news from the CEO.

In other Ripple XRP news, Naver Corporation - a famous internet company in South Korea, has recently confirmed that it is going to enter the global cryptocurrency market. Naver wants to join the global crypto market by targeting the millions of users of its messaging platform – Line. Line has over 80 million users in the messaging app and has experienced an upsurge, attracting 50 million new users. Having recently acquired a new trading license last week, Line is getting ready to launch a cryptocurrency exchange. Ripple XRP (and other cryptocurrencies) will be traded. Ripples popularity is continuing to spread. Ripple purchased a $30 million stake in MoneyGram in June.

Yesterday, it was announced that MoneyGram would start a new debit card deposit service with Visa. The new service will make it possible for MoneyGram's users to transfer money to Visa. There have been rumors that the service may utilize Ripples XRP. Speaking of MoneyGram, SBI Remit – a company that is serviced by MoneyGram has agreed on a contract with InstaReM. A RippleNet member, InstaReM is a leading global financial payments company. It has announced a partnership with Asia's most prominent and largest payment companies, SBI Remit and SBI Cosmoney. The partnership seeks to enable fast and real-time crossborder payments. This partnership is a crucial step with Ripple continuing its efforts towards dominating the crossborder payments sector. The company (InstaReM) had entered into a strategic partnership with Ripple back in 2018 to facilitate quick and secure payouts for RippleNet members in Southeast Asia.

XRP traded up 0.2% against the US dollar during the one day ending at 9:00 AM Eastern Time on September 10th. The previous week had seen XRP trading 0.5% higher against the US dollar. The cost of a single XRP coin is currently $0.26 or 0.00002555 BTC on the popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Overall, today's cryptocurrency news suggests that more people are using the XRP cryptocurrency, maybe due to the increase in the use of Ripple’s xRapid platform. However, XRPs value will only continue to rise.

Please note that the content of all our Ripple XRP news articles should not be seen as financial advise but only as the expression of the personal opinion of the writer on the cryptocurrency market.

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