Taking Profits On Binance Coin BNBUSD

Today I took some profits on the Binance coin and I am looking forward to get back in.

binance coin bnb

Binance price action has been doing some steady higher highs since mid December 2018. As we are approaching the end of January 2019, It is important to note that the Binance cryptocurrency is part of a very rare group of digital assets that are currently displaying positive returns against Bitcoin ( BNBBTC ) and against the US Dollar.

Savvy cryptocurrency investors know that it is something to pay attention to, specially when you are looking out for clear signs of the return of the Bull market.

BNBUSD is now approaching a resistance level at $7.

This is why I took profits on my current trades. I will buy again once the Binance price breaks above $7.

We should then see the BNB/USD starting to move towards $10.

All the Bitcoin trading and Binance trading moves that I post on this site are only the expression of my personal views on the cryptocurrency market and they should not be considered as financial advise.

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