Etoro Review: Democratizing Managed Forex Accounts

Looking for an innovative managed forex account or stock trading account?

Managed Forex Accounts

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Take advantage of the patented CopyTrader tool for custom mandated accounts.

Etoro is a social trading company that has patented a trading feature named "CopyTrader". The feature allows investors to automatically duplicate the trades of a senior fund manager, just like in well established managed accounts.

The eToro managed account gives you total control. It allows you to allocate your money to a specific fund manager or to split it with many managers. On the Etoro trading platform, fund managers are called "Popular Investors". Opening a stock for forex managed account is simple and quick. Click here to open an account now and you will get an extra $100,000 in your demo account.

Now that you have a fully funded account, you are now ready to leverage on Etoro’s patented and powerful tool called CopyTrader. CopyTrader just does that, copy trades from experienced and profitable traders. Copying is just $100 per trader. Doing this is beneficial in two fronts. First off, you learn while boosting your trading confidence as you analyze portfolios of these successful traders. Secondly, you make money passively if you just want to invest and copy trades only. When your signal provider executes a position, a similar position is simultaneously opened in your account and closed when they exit theirs.

In the second part of this Etoro review, we will look into other innovative trading features that put Etoro ahead of the competition.

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Vet your potential signal provider

As CopyTrader feature is beneficial for both parties, Etoro wants to make vetting as thorough as possible just to ensure that your investment goals and desired strategies are in sync with your investment profile. To make this a breeze, Etoro allows you to skim through trending traders and popular investors filtered according to your set criteria. You can begin this search by clicking on the “Copying Trades” button in the discovery section and if your query is not satisfactory, you can search deeper through Etoro’s “Advanced Search” feature. Once you identify a trader or popular investor, you can open their profile and check their stats. As always, a trader’s statistics and track record is a gold mine which determines if you will invest your $100 or not. Your top stats selection filters should be on things like risk rate and drawdown.

Put stop loss limit on your initial investment

With CopyTrader, your initial investment is also taken care off. All managed forex accounts have a stop loss feature. You will use it to set a specific point, generally a percentage of the managed accounts balance, where you will stop copying a particular manager and keep the majority of your capital safe. This is important as it mitigates risk. Having stop losses while copying trades is the much needed layer of protection for your hard earned cash. Losing streaks are normal in trading and sometimes, there are limits and in this case, you can limit your losses by setting a bottom line. You can decide to keep it at 30% and in cases when there is a surge past that, CopyTrader automatically stops copying trades from your signal provider. The Stop loss feature is definitely an indispensable addition for passive investors.

Monitoring the performance of managed forex accounts easily.

The Etoro trading platform is one of the most user friendly in the market. The well organized and clear presentation allow the investors to compare performance of the divers account managers being copied. It is also possible to review popular investors according to the type of market they are trading in and the overall risk level of their trading style.

The investor will then be able to decide whether he wants to focus on a particular fund manager and allocated more funds towards him.

Etoro funder, Yoni Assia, and his team are dedicated to bring cutting edge trading tools and instruments to the trading industry. Add to that highly responsive customer service 24/7, it is now easy to understand why Etoro is leading the social trading market.

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Highly volatile investment product. Your capital is at risk. Past performance is not an indication of future results.

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