Ethereum Trading Is Now On Huobi Currency Exchange

Will the Ethereum trading volume surpassed Bitcoin's volume? Time will tell but things are certainly smelling good for the Ethereum holders out there. This boost from the Chinese exchange will certainly act as a catalyzer that will not only influence the ETH to USD price but certainly push it price to some brand new all-time highs.

By the way, this is just trading.

On top of that you must add the impact of smart contracts and real life application that the Ethereum network offers. Innovations from Enterprise Ethereum Alliance and divers remittance start-ups are truly changing the way people interconnect globally.

If you are using eToro's CopyTrader to copy my trades, you now have very good LONG position in Ethereum. As I said above, I am expecting Ethereum price to continue to move higher. I will add new Bitcoin and Ethereum Long positions in the near future. If you are not trading cryptocurrencies yet, click here to learn about Ethereum and Bitcoin Copy Trading platform.

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