One Bitcoin Can Now Buy You One Burberry Suit Or Two Armani Slim Fit Suits

What will you do with your new Bitcoin wealth? Shop at The Burberry house or get even twice as many designer goods by treating yourself at Armani?

On Monday 22nd May 2017, the Bitcoin Price made a brand new all time high on Coinbase by reaching $2298. At the time of writing the BTC price is around $2275 which brings the Bitcoin Market Cap at staggering figure of $36 Billion. In June 2016, the bitcoin price was around $780, which is about £600. Therefore, last year one bitcoin could buy you a very sleek Armani slim slim fit suit. Now fast forward to today, June 2017 is around the corner and at $2275, which is about £1750, you could still buy yourself a slim fit suit but this time from the Burberry house ( by the way, both brands are excellent ).

Now you have got to wonder... what kind of luxury suit, one single bitcoin will allow to buy in June 2018 ?

The bitcoin price is moving at a very fast pace and it could bring great financial rewards to those who are willing to learn bitcoin CFD trading and sound bitcoin investment strategies. Join our Bitcoin Trading UK Meetup group every Monday in London and discover our wealth building strategies.

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