Bitcoin Prices Reaches New All Time High On Bitstamp Exchange

Bitcoin price has just made a brand new all time high this week, reaching $1895 on the BITSTAMP exchange and making many bitcoin traders very happy.

Bitcoin New All Time High On Bitstamp

Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency and it is also known as digital gold. The other major cryptocurrencies are Ethereum and Ripple XRP.

Ethereum's main purpose is to be used as smart contract and in that context, it is not a direct contestant to Bitcoin. As for Ripple XRP, it is a real Bitcoin contestant but unlike Bitcoin, Ripple XRP works on a centralized network ( Bitcoin network provides decentralized finance and ledger ).

The number of businesses and merchants accepting accepting Bitcoin keeps on growing. Therefore bitcoin investments and btc trading volume are also rising.

With the recent brand new all time high, we can expect to see even more entrepreneurs showing interest to virtual currencies, more investment business angels' money pouring to the exciting CryptoSpace and of course bigger bitcoin trading volume on exchanges such as Bitstamp, Poloniex and Gatehub.

I have been trading Bitcoin for many years and I can attest of the phenomenal wealth creation potential of cryptocurrencies. As long as you have got a good trading plan and remain disciplined, you have got a very good chance to reap great financial rewards in BTC trading.

For those who are totally new to the world of financial speculation, there is a reliable social trading network that allow rookies to follow and copy savvy investors.

The social trading platform is called eToro and I am one of their savvy investors.

I could write 3 full pages to show you that I am a very successful trader but simply showing you my latest forex trading stats might be a better idea: >> Click here to discover CopyTrader by Etoro

You will certainly like what you see, so be sure to open your bitcoin cfd trading account today. The future is bright and prosperous.

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