Ripple XRP USD joins BTC USD and ETH USD in the crypto space TOP3

Ripple XRP has now joined Bitcoin and Ethereum in the top3 cryptocurrencies based on their market cap and XRP USD is now also one of the top traded pairs.

Ripple XRP

Satoshi Nakamoto's Bitcoin stays on top as the most traded cryptocurrency and BTC still benefits from it "First Time Mover" advantage. Therefore Bitcoin remains the most well know digital currency, currently Bitcoin market cap is over $18 Billion, many people start to refer to it as the digital gold.

With a market cap over $4 Billion, Ethereum is the second biggest cryptocurrency.

Vitalik Buterin's invention has recently been in many crypto news portals headline due to strong backing and investment from major companies such as Microsoft, Intel, JP Morgan. All those companies are forming a syndicate named "Ethereum Enterprise Alliance" which main goal is to contribute and oversee smart contract development.

The newcomer in the cryptocurrencies top trio is Ripple. XRP market cap has now passed the $1 Billion mark. Ripple's main inventor is Ryan Fugger, now XRP is part of the Ripple Labs founded by Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb. The core concept is the decentralized payment network that allow user to exchange divers currencies via the Ripple network. Basically Ripple XRP is a payment and exchange network that can be used to exchange cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies. The main advantage is that it can handle very large volume of transaction just like Visa and Mastercard.

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