My Etoro Forex Trading Account

This is my first video on the experiment that I am running on my eToro Forex Account. I have many forex trading and spread betting accounts such as eToro, IG index, CMC markets and many more...

This allow to compare platforms and test new strategies.

People would be surprise to find out that the exact same trading strategy could be successful on one platform and a total failure on another. This is mainly due to the quality of the trading platform, the user interface, inherent trading features ect...

I am a medium to long term trader.

For this experiment, I am using trading alerts from Market Club and I place my trades on the eToro social trading platform.

If you want to learn more about social trading, please read my etoro review and open a free demo trading account. It is my personal opinion that eToro is probably the best trading platform for beginners. Read my etoro review and let me know what you think.

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